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Last week my neighbor bought a cage and started rearing guinea rats. I asked him why he chose rats out of all the animals in the world. Uncle told me that it was his childhood dream.

He said the rats are cute creatures and he just loves them.

Every night I will not sleep.

Uncle rat will open the cage and the rat will be moving around the compound. Because they are smart creatures, they don’t run far from their cages.

At night when Uncle wants to chase them into their cages, he will be shouting, “chu chu chu” up and down the compound and clapping hands like he is in the church.

I have been enduring this thing for a very long time now.

He got tired of shouting Chu chu and gave every rat a name which he started calling them.

What annoys me is how the rats will shit around the compound.

And if my door is open, they will sneak in to greet me, shit small on my carpet before running out.

I told Uncle of this. I told him I don’t want issues with him. But his rats are becoming a nuisance in the compound.

Uncle started vibrating like a generator. He told me that his rats are not a nuisance. And I should not call them rats. He said if I don’t know what to call them I should call them by their names.

So today I decided to buy my own pet too. I bought a cat. This cat doesn’t know its mission yet. But it will know by tomorrow morning.

Uncle came to knock on my door this evening and told me that he is hearing meow meow sound in the compound.

I told him that it is his ear that is paining him. Or maybe it is the sound of a cow outside.

He has not seen anything yet.

He thinks he is the only one that knows how to keep pet.

I am thinking of a name to give my cat now. There is battle ahead.

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