document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { var body = document.body; body.classList.add("js-enabled"); }); After denying me his mop stick, he came to borrow pepper. » ‎
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After denying me his mop stick, he came to borrow pepper.


After denying me his mop stick, my neighbor came to borrow pepper.

So three days ago, I knocked at my neighbor’s room to ask for his mop. I have a mop, but then I noticed he has two. One is for mopping the floor inside of his house and the other one is for mopping the tiled floor outside of his house. So I wanted to borrow the one he uses for outside to use and mop the entrance of my house.

When he opened the door, I smiled and pointed to the mop.

“Abeg Bobby help me with your mop for outside.”

He looked at the mop and shook his head.

“No vex o. This mop you see so, na only for my door. I no like to the share mob. If e spoil now, nobody go contribute money give me to buy new one. No vex abeg.”

I carried my hand on my waist and kept nodding.

“It is true o. You are making sense. No wahala. I will just tear one small rag.”

He said okay and entered his house.

I was not angry o. Not even after denying me his mop stick.

I did not show any sign of disappointment.

This evening, I was inside my house when a knock sounded on my door. I opened the door and saw it was my neighbor. The same man that denied me his mob.

“Uncle Praises, how na.”

“I dey.”

“Abeg you get like two pepper? I just realize my pepper finish and indomie dey fire.”

I looked inside the house and told him I was coming.

I went to the kitchen and carried the basket of pepper and onions and came out. I counted it. My neighbor was helping me to count along.

The total number of pepper was 23 and the onion was 6.

I looked at him and shook my head.

“Sorry o my brother. This pepper you see na only for my belle. If e finish now, nobody go give me money to buy new one. No vex abeg.”

My neighbor nodded his head like an obedient child and I closed my door.

I went to the window to see his reaction.

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