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Why I left my friend’s house after seeing his mother’s ghost


Why I left my friend’s house after seeing his mother’s ghost.

I was in Ibadan one certain time and a friend of mine invited me over to his house to spend the night.

He insisted that I shouldn’t be sleeping in a hotel in Ibadan when I have him around.

According to him, he wouldn’t feel right.

Since he insisted, I asked for his location and he described his house to me. I realized that his location was not too far from where I was going to be having my meeting.

That very night I paid him a visit at his place.

When I arrived, I discovered that he lived in a very big apartment.

It was fenced from the outside with a large gate.

As I walked into the compound, I felt chilly. It was a sudden change of feeling.

My eyes went to the cage where the dogs were barking from as I looked around. I saw a figure standing close to the orange tree in his compound. The moment I strained my eyes to see the figure clearly, it disappeared.

We eventually entered the house and I saw how beautiful and fine everywhere is.

So I asked him.

“Bro, God has been good to you o. When you build this one?”

He laughed.

“Praises, this is my mum’s house na.”

My eyes opened in shock. At that moment, I remembered he had lost his mother years back and the house was an inheritance from his late mother.

As he led me to my bedroom, my thoughts went back to the figure I had seen outside and I quickly asked.

“Was mum buried here?”

He nodded.

“Just behind the house.”

My bedroom was a large well-arranged space. I dropped my bag and had my bath quickly before returning downstairs to gist and catch up with experiences.

When it was time to sleep, we both said goodnight to each other and I went to the bedroom to sleep. The moment I opened the dark room and walked inside, I felt a figure sitting on the bed. It looked like a human was inside the bedroom. I turned on the light and realized no one was there with me.

Inquisitive, I turned off the light again and the same figure appeared. From the hair, I could tell it was a female. When I moved closer, this figure appeared to be an aged woman.

I dashed back to the switch and turned on the light.

The figure was no more.

At that moment I knew this one was a spirit only I could see. For such spirit to be present in that house, there must be a direct connection between the house, the room, and the spirit.

Instinctively, I walked to the wardrobe and opened it. I found a bag filled with female clothes and shoes. I immediately knew this was my friend’s mother’s room.

Without proving stubborn, I put on my slippers and went downstairs to sleep. It’s not like the spirit I was seeing would haunt or attack me. I did it out of respect for the late woman.

Why did I share this?

It is normal for the spirits of a loved one or a deceased person to still remain in their houses for a while, especially if it has been left empty for a while. With time they let go of that space as they transition into the other realm.

When that happens allow them to have their last moment around as they prepare to journey.

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