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Why Pretty Mike’s video should provoke the feminine gender


Why Pretty Mike’s video should provoke the feminine gender.

Pretty Mike has been trending since yesterday.

He is known for his controversial entrances that are found disgusting to some, entertaining to others, and amusing to his spectators.

In his latest video, Pretty Mike walks into the hall dressed in an apparel. He looks more like a wealthy white master.

He is seen dragging a bag beside him.

When he has gotten to the center of the stage, he drops the bag and opens it to reveal a woman lying inside.

He orders her to stand up and kneel.

He stretches his hands for her to kiss and she does just that.

Acting like a loyal servant.

Now this is art.

No matter how offensive you find the video to be, it still passes a message.

The bag signifies a cage.

There is a woman trapped in the cage when it is being opened. She represents all female gender.

Pretty mike signifies men who make themselves masters over women.

Him pushing the bag signifies the authority to control.

Looking at this closely I can say that.

He is portraying women who let themselves be locked in a cage and being pushed around by men and controlled by them.

Most importantly, there are women who are this way in all works of life. Marriage, jobs, education. They let themselves to be used as slaves and kiss the hands of a man whom they see as masters or benefactors to them. And are unable to make their own decisions themselves.

Look beyond the video.

It’s a video to provoke the feminine gender and build stronger women who will stand to say no to being used and downgraded.

Women who will step out of abusive relationships and marriages and know that they have value and one failed relationship is not the end of the world.

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