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Why I sent my mother and mother inlaw parking (A story)


My mother and my wife’s mother came to visit me in 2019.

When I got the call from my wife that our both mothers were at our place.

I was surprised.

We didn’t have a child or anything. My wife was not even pregnant in the first place seff. There was no birthday or any celebration going on anywhere around me.

So when I got home, I asked them why they had come at once when there was no special celebration.

They told us that they had waited for six months now and have not heard the news of any baby coming.

“You have not told us if your wife is pregnant. Even she has not said anything about pregnancy. So we felt you people were still a novice in marriage and procreation. So as the pro that we are came to join hands to teach you and your wife how to have 8children.”

My wife’s mother immediately confirmed that she gave birth to 10 children but lost two.

I first swallowed saliva and sat down without saying a word.

My wife was looking at me.

“So you want to teach my wife how to have 8children?”

My wife’s mother said eh.

My mother followed her and nodded her head like school bell.

“Okay, so you came to teach it in my house?”

They both said eh.

I didn’t say anything to them.

The next day I returned home like a frustrated man whose life has finished.

My tie was hanging loosely on my neck. My belt was open. My shirt was half-open.

They asked me what the problem was.

I told them I had lost my job and don’t even have money for food anymore.

My wife was crying bitterly.

That night we mourned the lost job as a family.

The next day, both women contributed their transport back home to us. I collected and counted the money. It was twenty-four thousand naira in total.

They withdrew fresh money from the bank and returned day to their husband’s houses.

When they left, I locked the door and cleaned my wife’s eye.

I told her not to cry that I did not lose my job.

My wife asked me why I played such a stunt with mama.

So I asked her.

“Do you want 8 children?”

She shook her head and said No.

I told her to go and prepare fufu let me eat first so we can come back and know what she will do with her own share of the 2k which I will give her from the money.

My wife packed salt in the soup that day.

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