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Why I denied my best friend money even when I had it


A very good friend of mine approached me for a loan some years back. As at that time, I didn’t have much, but I was willing to give to him. I remember starving for three days when I gave him that money without hesitation.

He was excited and thanked me. He said I had come to his rescue when he needed it the most. He promised to pay me back within a month.

Three weeks after the loan, an Aunty of mine sent me some money. It was huge. I was so excited that I shared the news with my friend. It was ten times the amount I had given him.

During that period, I told my friend I was going to use part of the money to fulfill the commitment I made to an orphanage home. We went to the market together to shop for the orphanage. I spent two times the money I had given to him.

The time came for him to repay the money, but he didn’t. I felt he hasn’t received the money he was expecting yet. Within that period, I received yet another cash and this time he was aware because the money came through him.

I requested for the money I had borrowed him months back. I told him I needed money more than anything. He told me he had no money to give to me. I became upset. I knew he had the money at hand and was feeling reluctant to pay me back.

My friend looked me in the eyes and said these words to me.

“Praises, upon all the money you have, you still need more money. Can’t you leave this one for me? Are we not friends? If you can give money and gift to an orphanage, what is this one you can’t give to me as your friend? Must you come and collect the little I have again.”

I felt bad within me. But yet I couldn’t give him a proper reply, because I didn’t want to start a fight between us. I never asked him for the money again.

It’s been 3 years since this experience took place and he probably has forgotten. But I haven’t.

Last week, he was in need and approached me for help. He asked me to borrow him some cash. I could see the fear in his eyes as he pleaded for the money. He said he was in a big mess and needed to settle a debt. He promised to pay me back next week.

I laughed and walked away without saying a word to him. Three years ago, he thought another day like this will never come; but it came.

I shared this to those owing a debt and still unwilling to pay. Sincerity is a virtue. Keep to your words and pay your debt. You never might know when you will need such assistance from such a person again. Pay up your debts, and thank the person whom you were privileged to receive help from. Next time, he will gladly give it to you with a smile on his face.

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