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To make my wife happy, I surprised her by doing this


To make my wife happy, I surprised her by doing this.

This morning my wife and I talked about the food we were going to eat when we come back from work.

She asked if I wanted swallow and Vegetable soup, or Rice and beans for dinner. We had yam but that would be too heavy for me. I told her I would love to have swallow and Egusi soup instead. She told me how her day would go and how she planned to buy everything from the market after work.

I listened to her as I got prepared.

From her explanation, I could sense that she would be very busy and by the time she closes from work and goes to the market, she would be exhausted.

This afternoon I called her while I was at work to ask how her day was going. She sounded tired already. She told me how the day had been for her and how she had been working since morning. She had to go to 2 different parks thrice today to deliver goods.

“I just want to be massaged baby. I want your hands rubbing my shoulders.” She muttered like one who was beaten by ten men.

“Would you want me to massage your legs as well in warm water when you are back?”

She screamed in excitement.

“This man will not finish me.”

“I will oil your legs too. And kiss them while you just relax.”

“You know I can’t. I would be cooking.”

“Forget about food. You need the rest. Don’t come and get old in my house when you are supposed to look young for me.”

She laughed.

I closed very early today and branched the market myself to buy soup ingredients. I got home, prepared the soup, and served the table before my wife returned. I also set down her bathing water and a little warm water aside for her leg massage.

When she returned and saw that I had cooked and had bathing water ready already for her, she embraced me. I could see the relief on her face. It was like I had taken a mountain from her.

Why did I share this with you?

Most women who look old months after getting married pass through a lot of stress. They do everything and anything in the home without assistance from their partners.

Hear me.

Sometimes women want that care and love that they give to you. They want to be pampered and helped out when they are burdened with a load of work. Don’t abandon them to their worries when you can give a helping hand.

Share this story with someone out there.

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