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The name Veronica got my wife mad (Part 1)


Worried businessman at office

So yesterday night I had a dream.

I saw myself in space with a certain veronica I dated in 2013.

We were both putting on a spacesuit.

In that dream, my her oxygen finished and she was about to die.

I removed my oxygen and gave it to her to breathe for 2 minutes so she won’t die.

Then I discovered I was now struggling to breathe as well.

I told her to give me back my oxygen.

This girl refused.

She hardened her heart.

I started crying in the dream.

When I realized I was going to die.

The dream was so real.

I was still crying when my wife tapped me from sleep.

I woke up shouting “Veronica please.”

I turned to my wife who was sitting by my side.

Tears were in my eyes.

My wife did hmmm.

She clapped her hands five times and looked at me from head to toe.

She asked me who is Veronica.

Realizing what had happened.

I told her Veronica is a type of toothpaste.

This morning she gave me money to go and look for Veronica toothpaste and buy her or I don’t come back to the house again.

Please who knows where I can buy customized veronica toothpaste.

My enemies have left gas because of the price. They are now using my marriage as firewood to cook beans.

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