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Help! My wife is claiming all my properties


African american couple with relationship difficulties outdoors in the city

So I bought a car before I got married to my wife. When she moved into the house she’ll always say things like.

“Praises, we should use our car to get the things from the market.”

“We should give them a ride in our car.”

“Where did you park our car.”

A week ago my wife announced she had saved up money for a car. We both went to buy the car and discovered the car she wanted to buy had gone up. I added some money from my own so she could buy the car.

That day, she could not hold her excitement when we brought it home. She called her close friends to share the good news.

“Rita I bought a new car. Yes. My husband drove it home just now. I am so happy. I am now a car owner.”

She will say to the driver.

“wash my car.”

“Park my car well.”

Well, things went on for a while until this morning.

My wife said she was too lazy to drive.

So I offered to drop her off at work.

Then she asked.

“Are we using my car or our car?”

I turned to her because I didn’t really understand.

“Which one is our car?”

“The red one.”

“So which one is your car?”

“The white one.”

“Okay, so which one is my own car?”

She laughed.

Clapped her hands the way amebor people do after gossiping.

“Baby you and I know you don’t have a car in this house.”

This woman should just tell me I don’t have a house.

Since she calls my house our house.

That means I am homeless.

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