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How my wife saved me from disgrace (A story)


Shot of a happy young couple embracing at home

My wife and I both run separate businesses. There was a particular time when my wife’s business was doing better than mine. I was really facing a huge financial backlash. No patronage. No income. Nothing.

During that period she was aware of everything and didn’t bother to ask me for money. She took responsibility of the food we ate, the bills, and her personal needs.

When it was time to make her hair, she funded the bills herself and she was looking so beautiful.

You see there is a way the devil sends people to you to expose you. During that trying times, my wife got more compliments about her looks more than the times we were both living good and fine.

One of my wife’s friends visited us on a Sunday. This is someone who has always been visiting my wife. But that Sunday, my wife suddenly became beautiful in her eyes. On seeing my wife, she sprang up.

“Oh my God. You look beautiful. See how fresh you are. Look at your hair. I love this hair. Your husband must really be taking care of you.”

My wife smiled.

“Yes, he has. He has been a loving soul.”

I smiled wryly.

She kept complimenting the hair and asking how much it cost. My wife told her. She opened her mouth.

“This is beautiful. Your husband is doing a good job on you. Look at how good-looking you are. I am jealous o.”

We all laughed.

She promised to tell her husband to buy the same hair for her because she so much loved it.

Well, two months passed by. My wife and I visited this friend some days back. My wife had wanted to collect an item from her and so she asked me to come in and say hi to the husband.

“I thought you said you will just dash in and dash out. Now you are telling me to follow you in like we are going for a visit.”

“Babe now, let us dash in together and dash out.”

I reluctantly obliged. I did not want to.

But women will always be women. I followed her in and met the both couples seated together.

While talking with the man, my wife noticed that her friend was putting on the same hair. So she asked.

“Hubby finally gave you money to make your hair? It is beautiful.”

“No o. Which hubby? I bought the hair myself. I told you I will buy it na. He didn’t give me anything it was my money.”

Though we laughed over everything. The husband even teased her about the hair. But when we returned home that day, I held my wife’s hands and told her thank you.

She was surprised. She asked why I was thanking her.

I told her I was thanking her for always giving me the credit and making me feel special even when I know I had not contributed to it. I told her I cherished that moment and today’s experience has made me realize how lucky I am.

My wife smiled.

Since then we developed that character. Compliment me and I will give all credits to her. Compliment her and she will say it’s my handy work. At last, when no one wants to accept that we are responsible for each other good looks we push everything to God. And that is how it should be.

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