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I want the native doctor to come back to life in part two


Nigerian movie producers will not kill me.

I got this call to write a movie script and the man began.

PRODUCER: Hello is this Praises?

ME: Yes sir. I am Praises.

PRODUCER: Very good. I saw a script you wrote and I loved your lines. I loved the plot too. So I want you to help me write a story. The story is in my head so let me tell you.”

ME: Okay sir. Go on.”

He begins to talk and talk until my ears start dripping water.

Then he gets to the end of the story and says.

PRODUCER:…So the Pastor will now pray for the native doctor. I want a serious battle. A battle of the gods and the pastor. But in the end, you know God always wins the battle na. So the native doctor will fire his power, while the pastor will use his bible to block the fire. Do you understand?”

ME: Yes sir.”

PRODUCER: Ehen, so the native doctor will die after the twelfth fire hit him.”

ME: Okay, the native doctor will die?”

PRODUCER: Yes in the part one. But I want the native doctor to come back to life in the part two. I want it to be real. I want something that will shock the viewers. I want life inside the movie. Make it real.”

ME: Nawa oh.

PRODUCER: What happen? What is Nawa oh about this story now?

ME: No sir, I am just wondering how God will kill a native doctor and the native doctor will come back to life.

PRODUCER: So what are you now saying? Or should we use his spirit in the part two. Because I don’t want that native doctor to die. He can come back as a spirit.

ME: But sir…

PRODUCER: Praises, use the spirit. Or let us say the native doctor had a son, so the son came back for vengeance.

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