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Woman discovers a condom after moving into a house- confronts


Woman discovers a condom after moving into a house- confronts neighbor

A husband and wife newly moved into the next flat this afternoon.

Their flat is just opposite mine. Very loving couples. They have been coming once in a while to put one or two things in order.

The man is a dwarf and the woman is the opposite of the man. She is tall and fair. An Igbo woman to be precise.

Thank God the man had beards. If not I would have mistook him for her 10 year old son. I looked at his face very well so I do not make mistakes again.

While I was outside eating bread and watching as they packed their stuff into the house, the wife approached me.

“My brother, good evening o.”

“Good evening.”

“We don finally enter the house.”

“Yes, ma. I can see. It is not easy.”

“Ha! My brother, it is not easy. To pack from another house into another house my brother na war.”

“Kai. Sorry. Thank God Oga helped you.”

“Ehn, him try. But na me do majority of the work. The tall tall places you know his hand no fit reach so na me go carry am for my shoulders sometimes make him remove one or two things from the counter. E no easy.”

As she spoke I saw the man coming out of the room to carry kitchen tray.

I tried not to laugh.

Suddenly she came close to me.

“Emm, my brother. Na man abi woman stay for this house before we come.”

“Na woman.”



“My husband pick a condom for inside the toilet.”

“Used one?”

“No o. Brand new one. 3 packet.”


“I tell you. My husband don colonize am. Him no gree trowey am again.”


“But the woman the bring man come the house well well.”

“I don’t know.”

She laughed.

“No de fear. She no dey hear again. Just tell me. I wan know.”

“She brings some friends.”

“Na man man all the time abi?”


She folded her hands and shouted.

“Chai! Na wa o. God go fit answer my prayers for inside this room so? Because as I enter the room everywhere just cold one kind.”

“How do you mean.”

She drew closer.

“You know my husband and me we new new marry. And I don the pray to God say our first child make him no carry him size. Make him carry my size. I dey fear now make God no come stop dey hear my prayers because of the sin of the person wey just pack commot. Make I no come born my husband carbon-copy.”

My name is Praises Chidera Obiora and I am the best at what I do.

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