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I stopped being rough during sex- Man shares story


Five days after I married my wife, we were both making out in the sitting room. I decided to play the rough and hungry guy.

My wife loved it.

She kept laughing and calling me a lion.

“Act like a lion baby. Do like a dog. Come on baby, I love it when you are a bulldog. Rough and dangerous. Pick me and eat me.”

Everything was getting into my head. I unbuckled my belt in split seconds, unzipped my pants, removed my trouser, and tore my shirt.

My wife screamed in excitement.

“Yeah Baby. Eat me. I am your wife. You are a lion. Lion of Judah. Yeaaaa!”

Without wasting time, I lifted my wife on my shoulders like a bag of cement and carried her to the bedroom.

She kept laughing.

“Baby I love it when you are this way. I love it.” She screamed.

I took her to the bed and threw her on the bed without looking.

I heard an exploding noise, but the lion in me was in a hurry to close the door.

I didn’t pay attention.

When I turned, I found my wife lying on the bed like a corpse.

The woman was not laughing anymore.

Her eyes were closed.

I tapped her. She didn’t wake.

“Baby stop this play o.” I mumbled.

My wife did not answer.

I lifted her head and realized that it had become swollen from the back. My wife had hit her head on the bed when I flung her like a bag of rice.

My heart started beating.

New wife that I just married o.

What will people say?

Only five days of marriage.

What will I tell the police?

I ran out and returned with a bowl of water and poured emptied it on her face.

She gasped and started coughing.

That was how romance for that day ended.

A week later, while kissing in the parlor, she asked me to carry her to the bedroom. She said I don’t act like a lion anymore and that I had now become too calm and cold.

I nodded my head.

“Yes. I like to act like a snail. Acting like Lion nearly put me in trouble last week. Leave me in peace. I am not a lion again. In fact, from today call me Praises. Don’t call me Lion or any animal name again. If you cannot call me Praises, call me my father’s name.”

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