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I gave him 5 groundnuts instead of money


Once upon a time, during festive periods. Especially around Christmas and new year, I will run around wishing all the grown-ups in my area happy Christmas and new year.

And while they answered, I will wait for them to dip their hands in their pocket or purse and give me money in return for my wonderful greeting.

Some would give me 50naira. This is someone who could give me 1000naira without stress.

Some gave me brand new notes. 20naira and Ten naira each. As if the new notes increased the value of the money in the market. These were people who could on a normal day dash me three 500hundred naira notes and they will feel nothing.

I felt those people were greedy. Very selfish set of human beings who never gave out money.

Until I finally became a grown-up.

And little children started running to me to wish me happy new year and Christmas too.

One came to me yesterday.

While I was strolling on the road and thinking of my life.

He kept running like one who had seen his messiah.

“Uncle… Uncle.”

I stopped and waited for him.

Just as he embraced me he shouted.

“Happy Christmas Uncle Praises.”

I gulped down saliva and faked a smile.

“Eyaa… Christmas has pass.”

“Toh Uncle happy new year.”

At that point, I knew this one needed something.

This one was just like Jacob who will never let go of the Angel until he blesses him.

All I had on me was the remaining 5 seeds of groundnut I was eating.

I gave it to him.

The boy looked at my face.

I am sure he must have been wondering what kind of wicked Uncle did he greet like this.

“Take na.”

He sighed.

Collected it and started working back silently.

He didn’t even say thank you.

He thinks money falls from heaven. And every grown-up man with beards has money.

Until he becomes a grown-up as well.

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