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How I spent my savings after escaping death


Yesterday I had twenty thousand naira on me. I wanted to save the money. I refused to touch it. I said to myself no matter the kind of hunger that strikes me in life, even if a razor was used to tear my stomach from inside, I will never touch one naira from that money.

I kept it in one of the pockets in my wardrobe and was waiting for the hot sun to reduce so I can visit the POS later to deposit.

Later that afternoon I felt really hungry. I checked an old pair of jeans I wore last week and found 220naira in one of the pockets. I decided to go out and buy half plate of soup from mama Calabar, while I use the rest to buy two cups of garri from the mallam shop.

When I stepped out of my house I realized how far Mama Calabar’s place was. I wanted to climb a bike but I still didn’t want to touch anything from the 20k. I decided to just trek to her place. If I match gradually I should be there in twenty minutes or so.

Halfway down the road, just at the roundabout, while I was about to cross the express a car from the opposite side, just swerved past me. Everyone who saw the Scene shouted Jesus. They thought I was dead. I froze at the center of the express. It was like my legs could no longer move.

One of the spectators who noticed I had gone into shock at the center of the road, ran and led me away from the express.

He asked where I was going.

I told him I wanted to buy 200naira food from Mama Calabar. But I have changed my mind as it is now.

I returned home. Went to the 20 thousand I refused to touch and carried everything.

I took myself out to Grills and Chills and decided to spend it on lunch.

Shey if I had died at that express, another person will help me chop the money.

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