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He came to church with his wife after I did this for him


Three weeks ago, this taxi driver picked me right in front of my church. I had flagged him down while stepping out of the church.

He greeted me and I replied.

He was in his early fifties or thereabout.

While seated in the cab, he told me he would love to have a word with me after he had dropped me at my destination. I asked him if there was any problem. He said no. He just wanted to talk to me about something.

I nodded my head. I understood he wanted us to talk privately. I kept wondering what he wanted to talk to me about.

When I got to my junction and dropped from the car, he turned off the engine and also stepped down from the car as well.

“Please sir, I wouldn’t have come out today if it was not an emergency. My wife is in the hospital now having our first baby. I am currently trying to gather money for her hospital bills and baby items. I don’t know if you can help me with anything you have to add to what I have.”

I told him I had just fifty naira on me. But I could make him a transfer if that is okay. He thanked me and quickly handed me his account number.

When I got home, I kept to my promise.

I made him a transfer.

This Sunday, he came to my church. I was shocked when I saw him seated beside his wife. The woman was holding a newborn baby in her hands. And during testimony time, he came out to give his testimony, on how God had used a young passenger he had carried to settle the hospital bills of his wife.

He told us it was the first time he was stepping legs in a church after three years.

After service today, I went over to greet his wife and newborn baby. I was very happy to see them.

He couldn’t stop thanking me. He said this was the only place he felt he could reach me to say thank you.

He has now become a member of our church and told me he would be joining the ushering department by next Sunday.

Heaven celebrates when your good deeds bring a lasting change in the lives of those whose lives you’ve touched.

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