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(A story) Why many Christians fail- Praises Chidera Obiora


So when I was staying in Kubuwa some years ago, I attended this church around my area.

I was moved by their worship songs and decided to join them, instead of just singing from my room.

The church service went well that Sunday. The pastor preached a very important message that got me praying and crying all through.

After service, just immediately after the grace was shared, I picked my bible to leave when a young lady approached me with a smile on her face. She greeted me warmly and told me to wait behind for just a few minutes.

I did.

Without telling me, I knew why she had asked me to wait. The church had a few members so it wasn’t hard to spot me as a new member amongst them.

Minutes later, a few brothers walked to me to welcome me. They talked about the church and asked if I loved the service. I told them I did. They asked if I would want to be a member of their church.

I told them I was new in town and will be here next Sunday to worship. Hopefully, I may become a member of the church as long as I remain in Abuja.

The brother chuckled.

“Brother, we don’t want you to be a Sunday to Sunday worshiper. We want you to be a devoted brother to God.”

I nodded.

He brought out a pamphlet containing the days of service and handed it to me. I stared at it like a man who had just collected the list required to marry a new wife.

I discovered that every day of the week had services. Some service hours were in the mornings and some evenings.

He further explained to me what they do each day from Monday to Sunday.

He asked where I stayed. I could not lie to him. I told him my address. It was not too far from the Church.

“Wow, you are close brother. That is good.”

We exchanged numbers that day before I left.

On Monday they called my line to remind me of the evening program in the church.

I attended.

On Tuesday morning, a lady called to inform me of the prayer and fasting which will hold from 3pm to 6pm.

I didn’t want to attend, but I left work to attend.

On Wednesday, they called me to inform me of the midweek service.

I attended.

On Thursday, three brothers and a sister came to visit me at home. They said it was visiting week and a time they visit members to pray with them. They told me that now that I have been visited, next week I will have to come with them to visit another member too.

I agreed.

On Friday, they called me to remind me of Bible studies.

On Saturday was morning prayers and it will hold by Evening as well.

I attended.

On Sunday was Sunday service.

I went.

And this became my lifestyle for three weeks. I spent more than I earned. Sacrificed work hours every day for Church service.

And I began to wonder if they had a business or work to do.

And so one day I approached the brother. I told him I was going to come to church on Wednesdays and Sundays. The rest of the week, I needed to work and earn money.

It was a decision I took.

I didn’t hide it from them.

I don’t know how they looked at me.

Probably as an unserious believer which I don’t care.

My heart was pure and my devotion to God never changed.

I only realized that as much as it is important to pray and serve God, it is also important to work and earn money. God promised to bless the work of our hands. So how can he bless us when our shops are always locked, and our hands are not being used to work?

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