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The girl who suffered from Sickle cell Anaemia


The girl who suffered from Sickle cell Anaemia

Mary was a very good friend of mine in secondary school. She was slender. Very slender and because of her size, most of our mates teased her about breaking into two if she bent down or did any hard jobs.

She never took it personal. She will laugh over it and smile. Sometimes she teased her teasers back and her reply was the funniest because she never lost.

It turned out that God who created her the way she is, knew she will need to fight a lot of battles amongst her mates because of her size, so he gave her a strong heart to withstand the blows she will face and a good heart that was always ready to forgive.

During our graduation, she was called to give a short speech about her experience in school. And it was then she told us of her condition. Mary had Sickle cell anaemia and had been suffering this throughout her life. The hall went silent. People began to cry when she told us that she doesn’t know if she will live past 20years, or 30years, or even 40years. But whatever ever happens, we should know she never held anyone in her heart for teasing her or calling her slimy or broomstick.

We chuckled when she told us that the best days of her life were the days she came to school and spent her time with us, and saw every one of our faces. It gave her hope to continue living again.

And then we became silent when she said to us,

“Now that we are graduates, I don’t know how my life will be.”

She ended up giving a 20minuite speech and it sank into everyone’s heart.

When Mary dropped the microphone, there was total silence amongst us. Then an applause followed. Every one of us clapped with tears in our eyes.

Well, that was the last time I saw Mary and it was on our graduation day.

I learned a bigger lesson that day. And that was never to mock people no matter your closeness.

People go through shits we do not know anything about. They try to be strong when you tease them because it is the only way for them not to break down and show weakness.

But if they were to open their hearts and tell you the reason they are the way they are, you will be pained.

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