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Why you should always shield your marriage with prayers- woman reveals


So while on the bus today, she shared with her friend who was seated beside her, how a woman who had known her in the village, became surprised that she was still with her husband.

According to what I understood from the woman, she had gotten married and left the village at a point when people never expected.

“I married at the age of 34. Everyone thought I will not settle down. But when I left, e shock everyone. The marriage came suddenly and unannounced. Thanks to my mother who wanted me to keep it on a low. This woman whom I met last month was my mother’s best friend. But at a point, my mother felt she shouldn’t be close to her so she gave her a kong distance. She stopped telling her things about herself and her family. Whenever she asks about Ronke she will say Ronke is fine and that ends the topic. When this woman saw me and my husband last month when we visited the village to see my mother, the first question she asked me was “Ah ah Ronke, so you are still married?” I swear I was filled with shock. People are wicked. How can you see me for the first time in years and the first question you ask me is if I am still married? Were you planning my downfall?”

“Didn’t you confront her?” Her friend asked. “If I was the one I will confront her there and there. I will give her last warning.

“My dear I confronted her o. I asked her why she would be asking me such a question. She started laughing and telling me not to feel offended. She said in a period like this when marriages do not last in the cities, she was just surprised to see me married.”

“Ahhhh!” The friend screamed.

“My dear, that night when I got home it was a battle. I kept praying. I kept covering my home and shielding my marriage with fire. The next day when we were about to leave for my husband’s hometown, do you know this woman saw us and could not come close. She ran back inside the moment my husband and I stepped out. I said to myself that is the evidence of prayer. The battle is not physical but spiritual. I conquered o. My dear, I conquered.”

The devil is in constant pursuit of marriages. He is seriously searching for a home to destroy. Don’t let yours be the victim. Shield it with prayers at all times.

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