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My wife and I did this to resolve the quarrel between my neighbor and his wife


After I got married to my wife, we moved into a new compound at Atiku street.
There we met this particular neighbor who will always fight with his wife every morning, afternoon, and evening.

It always got my wife worried. Hardly a week went by without them fighting and raising their voices at each other.

We were the only two couples in the compound. So there was no one else to help calm the man and wife down if they fought. We couldn’t near them too because we were still new tenants in the compound. We only attempted it once and they paid deaf ears to us.

One night while they fought inside their house. We couldn’t sleep. Their voices were so loud. It felt like the fight was taking place in front of our door.

That night, my wife and I made a plan. We decided to pretend to fight too but this time, we were going to do it outside and make it even more serious than theirs. We wanted to see the reaction of the couple.

My wife started abusing me. She ran out and I chased her with a cutlass. My wife shouted at me and I shouted back. She called me a stupid man. And I called her a useless woman. My neighbor who was seriously quarreling with his wife inside his house kept quiet and peeped through their windows. When the man saw me with a cutlass he ran out and held me. The woman also ran out and held my wife who was already carrying a big stone in her hands.

“Praises calm down. Make una stop the fight. Fighting no good.” The husband said to me.

The woman was advising my wife on the other side

“You know you just got married. You are to respect your husband and not insult him. Go inside and apologize to him.”

I pretended to be angry and dropped the cutlass and walked in. My wife was still vibrating as she also entered the house.

The couples both entered their house and that ended the fight for that day between them.

When my wife and I saw this, we laughed.

We decided to do this for a week. And each time we fought, the man and wife will come and separate us. They will advise us and the woman will tell my wife how to treat me. The man on the other hand will tell me what to do to make my wife a happy woman.

When my wife and I got into the house, we laughed our lungs out. But we noticed something. During that period of our fight, the man and woman didn’t fight anymore. It was the first straight week they had stayed in peace.

On the eighth day, my wife and I went to thank the man and wife for intervening and separating us from our fights. We told them that we had applied their advice and it was working for us. We told them that we now took them as our mentors.

We made them understand that Since they were older in marriage than us, we were always going to come and seek advice from them whenever we had marital challenges.

The woman smiled. She told us that we had no problem at all. The man said we were always welcome to seek advice from them.

We thanked them again before we left.

Since then, the couples stopped shouting and quarreling. Even though it was done, they tried as much as possible to keep their voices as low as possible. We never heard them shout and we knew it was because of us.

When effort doesn’t work, apply wisdom.

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