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I thought my father was wicked until this happened


I thought my father was wicked.

Years ago, my father was motivating a man who was thinking of giving up because he had no food to feed himself and his family. He had come to ask my father for food.

My mother and I were both inside the other room listening while my father talked with him in the parlor.

My father spoke about God who never allows his children to go hungry, and about not losing hope. He spoke something about five loaves of bread and two fishes.

While he spoke my mother began to cry.

Unknown to the man, we had nothing to eat that evening as well. In fact, the house was dry and we were waiting for my dad to come in so we know what next.

To our surprise, my father gave the man 200 naira and a word of advice.

When my father entered the bedroom, my mother stood up and embraced him.

He was surprised.

She said to him.

“While you were talking to that man, you were also motivating me.”

My father smiled.

And said to her.

“I was encouraging myself as well not to give up.”

That night, I thought my father made a wrong decision giving our 200naira to a man to go and feed his family, while we were starving.

At exactly 10pm while we all sat in silence, a knock sounded. I ran to the door and opened it.

It was the man.

He gave me a big flask of rice. He told my father that his words gave him hope. Truly God never allows his children to go hungry.

He said while my father was talking to him, he was praying in his heart for God to make a way.

He got home and his wife’s sister brought two flasks of food for them and she just left. So he decided to come say thank you to my dad with one of the flasks of food.

That night we ate food that 200naira will not buy us on a good day.

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