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How the Devil came for my friend at the point of his breakthrough


How the Devil came for my friend at the point of his breakthrough. In 2020, a distant friend of mine visited the country to inspect the new house he was building, and also to see his family. He decided to visit the club of the hotel he was lodging in since it was a Friday.

It was in that club that he met this particular lady. Tall, dark, and very beautiful.

He took her to his hotel room and had sex with her. It was just after the sex that he discovered this strange tattoo on her left breast.

It was the painting of a human skull which was done with red ink. Looking closely at it, the skull had a horn attached to it. He said it looked like a skinned devil.

He asked her the meaning of the skull and horns since every tattoo has a secret meaning.

The lady told him it was just for fun.

That night he became conscious of her body and started looking around her body stylishly. It was at that moment he discovered she had another tattoo. This time it was drawn very close to her vagina and covering her lap.

“The same tattoo or a different one?” I asked.

“The same tattoo. Same tattoo, Praises.”

“At her vagina? Didn’t you see all of this when you were taking off her clothes?” I asked feeling scared for him.

He shook his head.

“Praises I didn’t. I swear I wish I did.”

He held his head. Turned around in frustration and began to explain.

“When we walked into the hotel room the lights were off. I wanted to put on the lights but because we were both locked in a tight kiss I couldn’t. I just fell on the bed.”

I shouted my lungs out.

He had woken up early that morning only to discover that the cloth of the lady was in his room. Her shoes and bags. Her money and jewelry. But the lady was not in the room with him.

He thought she was in the swimming pool so he just slept off.

It was after some hours of not seeing her that he walked to the receptionist to inquire about the woman he entered the hotel with.

They didn’t see her also. So they decided to check the CCTV camera to know her where about.

The video of the CCTV captured the moment my friend’s hotel room door opened and closed. We didn’t see any figure walk out of the room.

The same happened with the entire entrance of the door leading out of the hotel. All opened and closed with no figure shown.

Fear gripped us all.

We realized that my friend had just had sex with a demon.

It was the last time he traveled out again. His passport was seized by the embassy. His house was left uncompleted. I spoke with him yesterday and this guy is seriously going through hell in the village. Pushes wheel barrow to earn a living and he is still unmarried.

Be careful.

At the point of your success and turnaround in life, that is when the devil comes for you with that which he knows you can’t resist. Be spiritually conscious and prayerful at all times. Less you fall for his tricks and ruin your destiny.

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