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How a body and Juju was buried in our new land


How a body and Juju was buried in our land years ago still shocks me. My father bought a land from a woman who was a widow. According to her, the land was her husband’s only inheritance and he used it for farming until he eventually died in 2006.

My father took my mother and I to the land to show us the new land he bought. We were going to build a house there and rent it out to students.

When construction began on the land, one of the men died suddenly. He suffered a heart attack while running to lift blocks.

Two weeks later, one of the workers died on his way home. He was hit by a bike man.

My younger sister fell terribly ill and was rushed to the hospital.

The contractor called my father one evening and said to him.

“Mr. Obiora, I have done several jobs for people before. This our job is risky. But this is the most riskiest. I have never worked on any property like your own before. The casualties are just too much. It is not from you, but I think it is from the land. Who was the actual owner of the land and what is the story behind the land?”

We didn’t know.

All we knew was that we bought land.

My father traveled down to Ondo state where the woman was said to have moved to meet her one on one and ask questions.

She told us that her late husband Father, was a native doctor who built his shrine on that land for so many years. And when the man died, the husband destroyed the shrine and buried the items on the same land.

“Where was the man buried? Your husband’s father”

“At a corner of the land. Towards the end of the fence. You know the land is massive so you may not know. We just dug a deep grave there and buried him without a coffin. It was his wish. He wanted to have direct contact with his ancestors.”

Fear gripped me as she explained.

She saw the expression on our faces and chuckled.

“No fear, you can just dig up the juju and the body and bury it somewhere else if you think it is what is causing the issue.”

That day my father requested a refund of the money for the land. But if they couldn’t refund, they should sell the land to another and refund.

A refund was made 3 months after. We never returned back to the land again.

You see most of the challenges and battles you face in your life today are not far-fetched. Have you bothered to check the land you moved into? There might be a history surrounding it.

The frequent bad dreams you are having.
The sudden loss of job, wealth, and bad luck you face days after moving into a new place or buying a new property.

Check the land.

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