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Following the recent appearance and disappearance of Five cats in the compound, this evening that Uncle who rears rats in my compound returned home with a malnourished local dog.

The dog looked like one who had gone through fasting and prayers in the wilderness.

When I saw the dog chained very close to the cage of the rats I was surprised.

The dog kept barking at me like I was his master’s mortal enemy.

Uncle came out to check who the dog was barking at.

I asked Uncle why he brought a dog to disturb us in the compound again.

Uncle started shouting at me.

“Praises na wetin? What do you want from me? You want make I park leave this compound for you before you rest? I bring Guinea pig you complain. I come bring dog, you still complain.”

I was angry. I tried to swallow the anger but I couldn’t.

So I fired back.

“No be your rat make cat start the visit this compound? If say you no get rat, cat for come?”

“Praises, I don’t train rats. They are called guinea Pigs. You should do your research.”

“Oga I don’t care. Rat and Guinea pig are the same thing. They all look like rats and belong to the same family.”

Uncle started vibrating even more than I was vibrating. As he was shouting, his local dog joined him and started barking too.

Both of them were fighting me together.

I had to enter my room when I noticed that the dog was drawing the chain and dragging the cage forward.

It was not a small battle.

Our battle reached Mama Bayo. Uncle told her that the dog was to stop cats from coming around the compound since cats hate dogs.

The woman was very happy.

So this man wants to keep rats in the compound as pets while his dog chases my cat away from the house.

Uncle and that barking dog of his have not seen anything yet o.

Just small bone and poison will end the life of the dog.

The dog doesn’t know me yet.

Let it keep barking wa! wa! wa! wa!

I will wait for one week before I strike.

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