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Man shares experience of how his wife hid garri meant for both of them


I once sent my wife to buy us Garri and groundnut to drink. We had not eaten anything that morning and I was seriously hungry. I gave her the last hundred and fifty naira I had on me.

“Ah Wicked woman. So you reduced our garri and hid in the kitchen. You think you are wise”

When she returned, she walked straight to the kitchen to prepare the garri. She brought the soaked garri in a big bowl and ran back into the kitchen to bring the groundnut and sugar.

I stared at the Garri and saw how small it was. Out of hunger, I picked nylon and fetched part of the garri from the bowl so that I could drink it secretly when my wife and I were done drinking the one in the bowl. I hid the garri behind the chair.

When my wife emerged from the kitchen with the sugar and groundnut, I asked her.

“Was it from Mama Nonso you bought this garri?”

“No. Her own is finished. I bought it from Chika shop.”

“Ah ah. No wonder.”

“What is it?” She asked.

“The garri is not a good Garri. The garri refused to rise since. It is just the way it is.

My wife walked to the plate hurriedly. When she saw how small the garri had become she shouted.

“Jesus! Why is the garri small?”

“My dear that is what is bothering me. Instead of garri to rise, the thing is reducing. I don’t know the problem.”

My wife turned the sugar and groundnut into the garri we started drinking.

When I had drank to a certain point, I decided to play the caring husband and man of the house. I dropped the spoon. I knew I had small garri hidden in a nylon which I would drink.

“Drink o. I am okay.” My wife beckoned.

“No just drink I can manage.”

My wife was excited. She emptied the plate and gave me the water of the garri to drink. She then kissed me before carrying the plate to the kitchen.

I was very happy that I had hidden a good amount of garri behind the chair.

After some minute, when I was sure my wife had gone to the bedroom, I picked the nylon of garri and sneaked into the kitchen to get a plate so I could drink it.

Lo and behold I caught my wife seriously drinking half plate of garri with groundnut and sugar in the kitchen. I shouted. She was still struggling to swallow the remaining garri in her mouth.

“So you fetched garri and hid?”

My wife started laughing.

She saw the water dripping from my nylon and rushed to touch it. She discovered the nylon was also filled with garri.

Then she shouted.

“So that is why you even remain small garri for me to drink? Wicked man.”

“Eh, Wicked woman. So you reduced our garri and hid in the kitchen. You think you are wise.”

She kept laughing. I quickly picked a spoon and joined her. She collected my nylon of garri and added it to the bowl.

This was how we concluded the drinking of garri in the Kitchen. She was the one that dragged the plate of garri from my hands and ran away. She did not even beg me to drink anymore.

Every stage of life has a sweet moment, no matter how bitter that stage looks. Enjoy every moment while it lasts and be grateful you had an experience of that moment.

I tried doing the same thing again today, but she went to the kitchen and added more garri and groundnut to the bowl.

Shey we have garri in abundance now.

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