Along came a cat (Episode 5)

On my way back from work I branched to buy a brand new bible and rosary.

When I asked for anointing oil, the seller kept looking at me. He asked me what the problem was. He told me that I was looking disturbed. He asked if I was facing any spiritual problem that was disturbing me.

I told him I was not facing any spiritual problem.

Uncle brought a chair and kept it beside me. He told me to sit down.

I obeyed.

I sat.

I was now looking like someone who had come for counseling.

He asked me my name.

I told him.

Then he said to me.

“Praises, I see people come here every day. I see people come to buy the bible and rosary. But I have never seen someone buy a combination of three with the kind of facial expression you put on.”

I asked him what kind of facial expression.

I even tried to smile while asking the question so that he won’t read another meaning.

He said I was looking like someone who doesn’t like the word of God I am buying. He said the way I was holding the bible, it was as if I was angry with God and his angels. He said he noticed how I had collected the rosary from him. And that I was looking like someone who will use it to kill someone when I get home.

While I was still looking at him, he said to me.

“Brother, did anybody force you to buy these things? Because if you want to give your life to Christ, you don’t need to be forced. You don’t need to buy all these things with anger in your heart.”

I told Uncle I was not angry. I told him I was normal and only needed it to uproot a charm that was buried by a woman in my compound.

Uncle stood up and went and brought me a bottle of coke.

He asked me to tell him my story and about the charm.

I didn’t know Uncle like gossip like this.

When I saw coke, I started telling him. I told him about the cat I had bought. I told him how the cat came and killed the Turkey instead of the Rats.

He snapped his fingers five times.

I told him about the charm and how they had buried it so that the blokos of the killer of Turkey can swell up.

Uncle shouted and stood up.

He said my case was a serious case. He said I need a combination of two bibles and rosary to fight this one. But I should leave anointing oil for now.

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Uncle advised me to urinate on the place the charm was buried before digging it up.

“Urine neutralizes charms. Urinated on it.” He advised.

He was so sure that my urine will work.

I nodded my head.

He said when I was finished, I should bring the charm so he can see it and we can pray and burn it together.

I thanked him.

He was truly a brother indeed.

So I returned home today and Urinated on the place the charm was buried. I dug the exact hole the charm was buried but I did not see the charm.

It seems Babalawo charm has disappeared o.

Now I don’t know if it was my urine that drove the charm away, or the charm saw my blokos directly and decided to enter.

I am not at rest.

Indomie I was eating I have given it to one small pikin.

My pastor number has been switched off.

My heart is doing me Boom! Boom! Boom! since 7pm.

Along came a cat (Episode 5)
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